Concerning DUMB DUMB DUMB...

It's funny and witty with some "Minnesota Nice" thrown in here and there. Love when she "talks" about something that happens in her life. This book is a quick read because you can totally picture this text happening leading to being surprised you've finished it.

Wally S.


I love this book! Mary Jo Pehl has always been very open, genuine, and funny. She puts all of that, and a lot of heart, into this look at her mother's life, and their relationship. I really wish I weren't such a slow reader, because I'm also getting a lot of good recommendations for reading from Mary Jo's mother's very very short book reviews.

William L.

Words for DUMB DUMB DUMB...

I LOVE this book and love Mary Jo Pehl's work.

It was touching. I really connected with it, in part due to her mother's obsession with weight and the effect on Mary Jo. I recommended it to my friend, same background.

I was lucky though because the weightwatchers my mom went to had all these great exercise machines. So while they chatted calories and shame, I would lie on this cot with movable panels under the hinder, so you'd get a really odd massage. They also had the machine you'd stand at and it would violently massage your hinder. (Apparently, flattening hinders was big in Iowa in the 1970's).

I found the book sweet, touching, and funny.

Kathy E.

More praise for DUMB DUMB DUMB!

Funny, touching, revealing, poignant, funny.

Tells a true story, but in a most creative way, punctuated by her Mom's incredibly compact movie reviews.

George D.

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